Sandcastles Montessori Preschool
"Free the child's potential, and you will transform him into the world" - Maria Montessori


Sandcastles Montessori Preschool provides stimulating  programs for young, creative children in Southern Rhode Island. We create a prepared environment for your children where they are guided in their learning and able to work at their own pace. Our small class sizes and low student to teacher ratios nurture a unique individualized learning experience that is catered to your child. We use specialized hands-on Montessori Materials that are purpose built for learning a specific skill. 

Sandcastles Montessori Preschool is a warm loving community of parents, teachers and children working in partnership, sharing strong common values and goals. Our traditions are founded on kindness and respect for each child as a unique individual. The mission of our school is to provide a nurturing environment that fosters a love for life and learning, awakening the full potential of your child.  

Please feel free to explore our website or contact us for more information. 

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